Caught In The Moment

I'm still trying to find my place in this big wide world. Until I do, you can peruse some things I come across along the way.

Even more sushi!

Green tea & mango ice cream

Homemade pizza build - pepperoni, bacon, onion, feta and cheddar

Bruschetta with tomato, onion and feta

Homemade Chocolate drizzled pretzels 

AYCE Sushi featuring crab pizza, veggie tempura, salmon & chicken & beef teriyaki, gyoza and a crab handroll.

Smoked bacon and vegetable soup with BBQ chicken and feta pizza
Fettuccine Alfredo and Caesar salad

Jalapeño cheese bread with turkey and baby spinach 

Mom’s homemade waffles with fresh fruit topping
Fancy mac and cheese
Healthy homemade pizza!

Peanut butter and strawberries!


I once witnessed a strange moment for a second before it was gone.

It stood high upon a rocky cliff one dewy early morn. 

It stood proudly grinning wide at all that its eyes did see, 

And when I blinked to look again, that moment was lost to me. 

I waited for it for many days, and yet it never returned,

I spoke of it to all my friends as the four seasons turned. 

I described the ghostly apparition as a waning blue cloud, 

And went back to that rocky cliff as often as my days allowed. 

But the moment never visited or showed it’s face again, 

It hid among the cliffs alone, through the snow and rain. 

It knew that I was searching for the ghostly blue above, 

For that indescribable moment, I resigned to call it love. 

A Day at the Beach

Sunday breeze

Tempting me

To take a walk along the sea

Pick up a rock and easily

Skip it along that lonely breeze

Floating thoughts

Forget me not’s

Left me broken down and fraught

They cause me anxiety a lot

Those painful, nagging, silly thoughts

A blissful walk

A silent talk

A solitary bird separated from its flock

Calm and peaceful, it wasn’t in shock

Just walked its lonely, silly walk